Block Paving Cleaning

Great Outdoors & In  offer a complete Block paving cleaning / refurbishment service in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. Whatever the size of the installation - from small household block paved driveways to large industrial estates,  the pressure washing process used is the same:-

  • The area is swept over to remove any lose debris
  • Any stains are treated with the application of suitable chemicals
  • The block paving is meticulously cleaned / pressure washed using Industrial pressure washers
  • The block paving is treated with an industrial herbicide (weed killer) to eliminate any remaining weeds and roots. Great Outdoors & In hold NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) PA1 & PA6A licenses to apply pesticides. This is a legal requirement for any contractors or operators working with pesticides / knapsacks
  • Chewing gum deposits are removed using super heated steam
  • Once the paving is dry the area is re-sanded using kiln dried silica sand and vibrated (compacted) back into the joints. Please note: no excess sand is left on top of the blocks, this practice is totally unnecessary! Not only does it look a mess but the sand is usually transferred from the paving into the nearby properties.

If required we can extend the paved area, carry out any local repairs and also add additional drainage. In addition if your paving has 'Aco' drains we can also offer a solution to prevent them from blocking with leaves and debris, The Hedgehog gutter brush provides the perfect solution, click here for photos !

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Block Paving Maintenance Programme

Finally we offer a specialist block paving maintenance programme: every three months we will carry out a weed kill to eliminate any emerging weed growth. We offer two options, standard weed kill or the addition of a residual weed killer, this can control weed growth for over 6 months. 

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